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Dextrostat (dextroamphetamine)The effects of Naprosyn during pregnancy have not been adequately studied. Naprosyn should not be taken late in pregnancy (the third trimester) because

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Atorvastatin (Lipitor) grapefruit juice35-65 lbs (16-29.5 kg) 1 tablet

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For more information about treatment with Sustiva, read the package leaflet (also part of the EPAR) or contact your doctor or pharmacist.TEMODAR (temozolomide) Structural Formula Illustration Your child should not receive a booster vaccine if he or she had a life-threatening allergic reaction after the first shot.

13. Alonso-Villaverde C, Coll B, Gomez F, et al. "The efavirenz-induced increase in HDL-cholesterol is influenced by the multidrug resistance gene 1 C3435T polymorphism." AIDS 19 (2005): 341-2

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16. Perez-Molina JA, Domingo P, Martinez E, Moreno S "The role of efavirenz compared with protease inhibitors in the body fat changes associated with highly active antiretroviral therapy." J Antimicrob Chemother 62 (2008): 234-45

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