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7. Gutierrez F, Navarro A, Padilla S, et al. "Prediction of neuropsychiatric adverse events associated with long-term efavirenz therapy, using plasma drug level monitoring." Clin Infect Dis 41 (2005): 1648-53

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Before having surgery or any X-ray/scanning procedure using injectable iodinated contrast material, tell your doctor...

muscle, joint, or leg pain, Natural antidepressants are remedies that are not prescription medications for depression. They may be helpful in improving mood but should not be used to self manage clinical depression without the supervision of a doctor.

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Uncommon (0.1% to 1%): Agitation, amnesia, ataxia, abnormal coordination, convulsions, abnormal thinking, vertigo, taste perversionslow heart rate, weak pulse, fainting, slow breathing (breathing may s);Each 0.5 mL dose contains 15 Lf diphtheria toxoid, 5 Lf tetanus toxoid, acellular pertussis antigens [20 mcg detoxified pertussis toxin (PT), 20 mcg filamentous hemagglutinin (FHA), mcg pertactin (PRN), 5 mcg fimbriae types 2 and 3 (FIM)], inactivated polioviruses [40 D-antigen units (DU) Type 1 (Mahoney), 8 DU Type 2 (MEF-1), 32 DU Type 3 (Saukett)] and 10 mcg PRP of H influenzae type b covalently bound to 24 mcg of tetanus toxoid (PRP-T).

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Common side effects include postural hypotension, weight gain, and sexual side effects.Steroids are mainly used for treating acute episodes of MS. Steroids help to reduce the body's autoimmune response. In doing so, steroids help to shorten the length of an attack, and rapidly reduce inflammation. Since their use is associated with significant long-term side effects, steroids are used only for short periods of time. Side effects of steroids include psychosis, bloating, insomnia (sleeping problems), headache, bone loss, suppression of the immune system, moon (rounded) face, stomach ulcers, and increases in blood sugar.

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